Writable assignments cover the three different genres:

  • Argument/Persuasive
  • Informational/Expository
  • Narrative

Writing assignments based on these genres can be found in Collections and can be edited to suit a variety of needs. Check out the descriptions below to learn more.

Skills Activities: These skills assignments can be used together as a curriculum to help students build up a specific set of skills for argument, information, and narrative writing genres as well as for state-specific assessment skills. The Skills Activities can also be used as individual assignments to personalize learning based on a student’s data in Writable. If a student is struggling with a specific skill, or you’d like to focus on one skill for your entire class, the Skills Activities collection makes it easy to find and locate an assignment to support the needs of your students. Each genre of writing and state-assessment features 6 assignments, and are themed to engage students.

Short Responses: Paragraph responses and Quick Writes fall under the category of “Short Responses”. These assignments are meant to be completed in less than a class period, so you’ll find that prompts and checklists are simple and direct for all grade levels.

Graphic Organizers: Graphic organizers support visual learning and help students focus on what’s important by guiding their thinking as they work through a map, diagram, or other chunked out assignment. These assignments help guide students through both the planning and drafting phases of an assignment. For a step-by-step guide on adding graphic organizers to your custom or original assignments in Writable, click here.

Essays: The length of an essay depends on the teacher and class, but these assignments will generally require more than one class period for completion. The checklists also assume that the writing submission will have a distinct introduction, body, and conclusion.

Read and Respond: Leveled readings for middle and elementary students from Cricket Media! All assignments include side-by-side readings and writing prompts, organized by grade band and Lexile level, so you can choose the passages that are right for your students. You can assign either a single reading passage and prompt, or you can choose from the “Voice and Choice” assignments, which allow students to choose from a variety of reading passages, all working with the same checklists. This collection includes both fiction and nonfiction readings, and it will continue to grow over time!

Assessments: Writable helps you build everyday practice towards assessments that mirror your state summative. Whether assisting teachers with scaffolded practice, or helping students prepare for Spring testing, Writable works to unify your assessment and instruction around state-driven rubrics. These assignments are full-length essays meant to be completed in a single class period. Some of these essays are taken from state tests, like the CAASP/SBAC, and use authentic test questions. While you have the option of allowing your students to complete peer-review cycles for these submissions, we recommend that reviewing be disabled.

EL Learners: We have a specific EL Learners Collection which includes TELPAS in addition to WIDA and ELPAC assignments which can be scaffolded to support your EL learners in grades 3-12. Writable is committed to making writing proficiency more accessible and attainable for all types of learners. With our text-to-speech feature, assignments and student writing can easily be read aloud to each student, increasing accessibility for all types of learners. And because students can write in embedded Google Docs inside Writable, most Google Doc add-ons are compatible with Writable, including speech-to-text.

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