Prompts in Writable:

Writing prompts guide students to write about a particular topic in a particular way. In Writable, prompts are the question you’re asking students to respond to in their writing. When your students click 'Read and Write' to begin working on an assignment, they will see the assignment directions and the writing prompt.

Prompt-Writing Tips:

  • Provide clear instructions about the writing task.

  • Your prompt should not include readings or rubrics, those have different designated areas in an assignment.

  • Design prompts based on the knowledge, experience, or interest of your students.

  • The prompt should be concise but include enough information so your students understand the writing task.

  • You can edit any prompts available in Writable or create your own.

Guide Students to Analyze the Prompt:

  • What form of writing does it require?

  • Who is the audience for the writing assignment?

  • What is the purpose of the prompt?

Help Students Recognize Keywords:

  • Expository/Informational: how, what, explain, define, analyze, compare/contrast.

  • Persuasive: convince, persuade, why, opinion, argue.

  • Narrative: tell, story, relate, imagine, describe.

  • Descriptive: describe in detail, include sensory words.

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