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Can students write in an embedded Google Doc? 🎥
Can students write in an embedded Google Doc? 🎥

Embed a Google Doc in your Writable assignment so students can access writing in the app and on Google Drive.

Updated this week

Yes! Using embedded Google Docs in your assignment allows students to go full-screen in their Google Doc, and use Google's built-in tools such as voice-to-text, word count, and more.

❗Note: This feature is not recommended for students using iPads. All students must have linked their Google accounts with Writable to use an embedded Google Doc.

1. From the 'My Assignments' page in Writable, find and click on the assignment.

Note: To assign something to a class, you need to make sure you’ve copied the assignment to 'My Assignments' or created your own.

2. Click 'Assign'.

3. Check the boxes next to the class(es) you want to assign to, then click 'Next'.

4. Choose the assignment options you'd like to use.

5. An embedded Google Doc will show in the assignment. Students can use the Google toolbar while still accessing the supports and rubrics available in Writable.

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