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How do I enable Originality Check for an assignment?
How do I enable Originality Check for an assignment?

Use Originality Check powered by Turnitin to help you and students avoid plagiarism.

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Writable's Originality Check (powered by Turnitin) lets teachers and students check their work to avoid plagiarism. Teachers can follow these steps to enable Originality Check so students can check their own work while drafting.

Note: Originality Check does not currently work for short-response, Daily Write, or graphic organizer assignments.

1. When you're ready to assign, click 'My Assignments', find the assignment you want students to complete, and click the 'Assign' button.

2. Check the box next to the class(es) you'd like to assign the activity and click 'Next'.

❗ Note: Originality Check cannot be enabled when using the 'Assign to Me' option.

3. Check the box next to 'Enable Originality Check' and then click 'Assign'. Now your students can check for plagiarism in their own work.

You can also adjust the assignment settings after assigning to enable or disable Originality Check using these directions.

Tips if 'Enable Originality Check' is grayed out:

  • You may have selected 'Assign to Me' as a class. Click 'Back' to make sure you haven't selected the model class.

  • Your assignment is a short-response, High Five, or graphic organizer assignment. Originality Check will not available for these assignments.

  • Your class may not have a grade set, and Originality Check is only available for middle and high school classes. For classes imported from HMH-Ed, Schoology, Canvas, or Google Classroom into Writable you may need to 'Set Grades' before Originality Check can be enabled. Click here for more information.

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