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How do I use multiple prompts in an assignment?
How do I use multiple prompts in an assignment?

Add different prompt options to your assignment to give your students choices for their writing

Updated over a week ago

When creating or editing an assignment, you can add multiple prompts for students to choose from using the directions below.

❗ Note: If you'd like to use multiple prompts for providing scaffolded support for your students, check out this article on differentiated prompts.

1. Click 'My Assignments' and click the assignment you'd like to edit.


  • If you don't have an assignment yet, follow these directions to copy or create an assignment: Create an Assignment or Customize an Existing Assignment.

  • It's best to edit 'Inactive Assignments'. To help avoid invalidating work in 'Active Assignments', we've disabled some editing features. If assignment edits are necessary, please keep in mind how your changes may impact existing content.

2. Then, click the 'Edit' button.

3. In the Prompt section, you will see any prompt that has been selected for students. Use the arrows and the drop-down menu to scroll through the prompts.

❗ Note: By default, all of the prompts listed under the drop-down menu are available to students, and can be selected for the assignment. If you would like to add a custom prompt, click the + icon as shown below.

4. To manage which prompts are visible for students, click the three-line icon and select 'Manage Prompts'.

5. The 'Selected for Students' category will show any prompts that will be available for students to choose from. To make a prompt visible for students, click 'Select for Students'.

  • You can also click 'Create Prompt' to add a new prompt to the assignment, or 'Duplicate' a prompt to copy it and make edits.
    Click 'Hide from Students' to remove it from your students' choices.

5. You can check to see how many prompts are available to students and how many they will need to complete at the bottom of the window. Once you've selected your prompts, click 'Done'.

6. Students will see the prompt options when beginning their assignment and click to choose the prompt they'd like to respond to.

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