Writable assignments can include short-response questions, each scored with a single rubric item. Keep reading to learn more about each question type and how you can use it to assess student learning.

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Basic Question Types

As you begin creating and customizing Writable assignments, we recommend starting with these basic types of questions.

Short Response

Short Response questions ask students to respond to a question freely with a few sentences or a paragraph. Additional support for students, including sentence starters and "word on line" guidance can be added to the response box.

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice questions allow for either one or multiple correct answers. Students will choose which answer choices are correct based on the question. You can also choose to shuffle the order of the answer choices to discourage cheating.


Organizers are custom tables for students to write short responses. These are ideal for recording and sorting information from a reading or for planning their writing. Organizers are set up into rows and columns and can be built to suit your assignment needs.

Advanced Question Types

The following question types are recommended for more advanced users and assignments.

Multiple Choice Table

Have students categorize information using a multiple choice table with custom answers and questions.

Hot Text

Use a Hot Text question to have students choose which phrase, sentence, or word is the correct answer.

Inline Text

Inline Text questions ask students to choose an answer from choices within a sentence.

Ordered List

Students can organize answers into an ordered list, demonstrating an understanding of sequences.

Drag and Drop

Ask students to analyze and sort information into categories.

Additional Options

Teachers can also use these features while setting up their short-response sections.

  • Groups are ideal for focusing student attention on just a few questions at a time.

  • Reading Selector allows teachers to set a specific reading passage to show while students answer a particular question. This is especially helpful for assignments with more than one reading.

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