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XpressU updates summer 2022
XpressU updates summer 2022
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Safety observer & forward media to XpressU

Safety Observer is a free app(Danish) that makes it easy to collect information about occupational health risks in a workplace.

The report that is generated can be sent to XpressU, where you can subsequently create a Presentation that can be sent out. With the new Survey module, you can further ask users for their opinion.

Resume a presentation

If your Presentation makes use of Questionnaires in the form of Quiz or Survey, users are offered the option to save their answers so that they can be resumed later.

Info fields for statistics

Your presentation can be set up to ask the user to fill in extra information. This information was not available under the statistics before.

Now you can see them for each individual user.

New media can be used in XpressU

We have added Microsoft WORD and EXCEL, as well as the video format MKV.

Test your Presentation from any Frame in the Timeline

Rather than having to go through a lot of frames to test a certain place, you can simply mark the frame you want to start on.


A huge new function is Survey

It is an extension of Questionnaires. Before, questions could be inserted with one or more correct answers, which users had to answer

Surveys pose a statement, which the user must decide how much they agree or disagree with.

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