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Updates winther 2022/2023
Updates winther 2022/2023
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Play your Presentation from any Frame in the Timeline.

Rather than having to go through a bunch of frames to test a certain spot, you can simply mark the frame you want to start on!

Upload of Word and Excel files, as well as new video format

We have also added the popular video format, MKV

Two factor login for better security

On January 23, we will introduce two factor login for your XpressU Builder.

The feature is turned on by default. But you can turn it off yourself

📢 We recommend that you have the function switched on!

Control panel (CMS)

In addition, you get access to control more about your XpressU account.

Behind each account is a control panel, or Content Management System (CMS).

It is, among other things, here you can set whether the account is protected with two factor login.

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