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Creating Your Outreach Workflow

Creating your outreach is perhaps the most crucial step, and there are many settings you can use to tweak the campaign to fit just you. So let's dive in and guide you through how to create your workflow that will then make out your outreach campaign.

Here is a video of Alexandra, showing you how to easiest get started!

What is an Outreach Workflow?

An outreach workflow is a sequence of actions you have set up to maximize efficiency in reaching out to other people. This includes what sequence of actions, how frequently you do them, when you do them, what kind of content you’re sending, and other settings.

How to select Workflow

  1. From the homepage, you start by pressing either "Create Campaign" or "Edit" on your already campaign.

  2. Once you're in your campaign, click on workflow (arrow symbol) on the left-hand menu

  3. Choose if you want to create your workflow by picking one of our templates or try out our AI tool

Create a workflow using our templates

Choose between 16 different templates for your workflow, that are all designed to fit different needs. Below is a short guide on how to select the template that suits your needs the best

  1. The symbols show the flow. An eye refers to a profile visit etc. Blue icons refer to LinkedIn touchpoints and red icons refer to email touchpoints. This helps you get an overview of what the workflow will look like and what is most suitable for your campaign.

  2. You can see on each template that contains LinkedIn what connection degree you need to have with the prospect on LinkedIn for the workflow to be optimal.

  3. If you don't have any preference, we recommend using the template Hunter or Effective Sales Funnel as it combines both LinkedIn and Email, and they are our most popular templates among successful users.

When you click on a template, you see what accounts are connected with LinkedIn and email.

Remember that you can change the template by clicking the change template button. However, once you've started the campaign, you cannot change the template

Create a workflow and content using our AI

If you want things to go a bit faster, you can choose our AI tool to create the workflow for you.

  1. Simply fill in the requested information

    1. You can choose multiple languages and set what tone you would like the message in.

  2. Click "Generate messages & review" and give AI a minute to create your workflow and its content.

  3. Once the AI is done, you will see all the action points and the content of each message. You can edit the text afterward, generate new content with AI or change the template.

How does the sequence work?

If you're using a workflow that has both LinkedIn connection requests and emails, the workflow can go in two directions depending on if the connection request was accepted or not. As seen in the picture below, a follow-up message is sent if the connection request was accepted within the 2 days delay. If the connection request wasn't accepted, the workflow will go straight to email. If the prospect replied with a message, the outreach will stop.

If a prospect answers any of your LinkedIn connection requests, messages, or emails, Zaplify will stop the outreach toward the prospect.

The LinkedIn follow-up message will only be sent out if the connection request was accepted within the set number of days you have chosen in your workflow.

Final Settings

  1. Select what days and between what times the campaign should be active and send out messages to your prospects.

  2. Enable the semi-automation feature if you want the LinkedIn touchpoints to be sent manually to make them more personal and increase the reply rate.

    1. Zaplify will create tasks before a touchpoint on LinkedIn is sent to a prospect. You can edit this message before it is sent to make it more personal.

    2. The semi-automated feature does not effect the email touchpoints.

  3. Select how many days you want in between each touchpoint. We will send out a message on the first active campaign day.

  4. Add your own email signature in the email touchpoints since it is not automatically inserted from your email.

    1. If your email signature includes a logo - save the logo as a picture and upload it in this step.

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