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Steps to take before making your workflow into a campaign

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Perfecting Your Outreach Campaign: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you finished creating your workflow content and ready to kick-start your outreach campaign? Before you dive in, take a moment to follow these essential Outreach setting steps to ensure a smooth and successful campaign. Here are the steps you should take before starting your campaign:

Step 1. Schedule

Select what days and between what times the campaign should be active and send out messages to your prospects.

Why do I need to set a campaign schedule?

To ensure efficient processing of prospects, we have a designated timeframe of three to six hours. There are two important reasons for this. Firstly, if the timeframe is less than three hours, there won't be enough time for significant actions to be taken. On the other hand, exceeding six hours is not feasible due to capacity limitations.

Secondly, when the campaigns are actively running, your own activity on LinkedIn can interfere and disrupt the campaigns. Therefore, it's important to be aware of when the campaigns are running, as it allows you to plan your own LinkedIn activity accordingly. By knowing the campaign schedule, you can optimize your engagement on LinkedIn without interrupting the campaign's effectiveness.

Step 2. Semi-automation

Enable the semi-automation feature if you want the LinkedIn touchpoints to be sent manually to make them more personal and increase the reply rate.

  • Zaplify will create tasks before a touchpoint on LinkedIn is sent to a prospect. You can edit this message before it is sent to make it more personal.

  • The semi-automated feature does not affect the email touchpoints.

If the semi-automation is swished off, your campaign will be fully automated. To get a better idea you can read semi-automation vs full automation.

Step 3. Days between touchpoints

Select how many days you want in between each touchpoint. Remember that number of days refers to campaign days and not calendar days.

Step 4. Email Signature

Add your own email signature in the email touchpoints since it is not automatically inserted from your email. (If your email signature includes a logo - save the logo as a picture and upload it in this step.)

And that's it! You're now ready to start your campaign.

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