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Once you've launched a campaign, you can easily oversee and track its progress. By accessing the campaign from the home page, you can observe the number of active prospects, search for specific prospects and companies within it, modify the prospect list, and perform other tasks. Keep reading to gain a clearer grasp of how to monitor the process and effectively manage your campaign.

Overview your campaign in Prospect Management

  1. To get an overview of your campaign, click on the campaign from the home page to access Prospect Management

  2. In the following view, you will be able to see:

Campaign name and number of total prospects

When you have clicked on the campaign from the home page, you will be able to see the Campaign name and Total prospects up to the left. You can at any moment change the campaign name by clicking on the pen next to the Campaign name.

You can also search for a specific prospect or company by typing their name in the Search field.

Statuses and sort on them

In the upper right corner of the Prospect Management view, you'll find various prospect statuses. By clicking directly on a specific status, you can choose to focus on viewing prospects with that status alone.

  • Queued: Prospects wait in a queue to become active. When a campaign begins, all prospects are queued. Then, Zaplify subsequently activates them to imitate a human like flow.

  • Active: Prospect is active in the campaign and has a planned date for next touchpoint.

  • Inactive: Prospect has been paused in the campaign by the user.

  • Finished: Prospect has become finished as all touchpoints have been sent or due to an interruption. Click on the arrow to find the drop down menu and see more information to why prospects have become finished.

  • Replied: All prospects end up here that have replied on either LinkedIn or Email. No more actions will be sent.

Overview prospects in a list or table view

Choose to overview the prospects from a Table View or a List view.

Table view - In this view, you can sort the list based on Company Name, Industry or Company Size.

List view - In this view, you can sort the list based on Prospect Name, Prospect loaction, Company name, Job Title or Channels.

Manage prospects

Manage specific prospects by manually selecting them. In the next step, different options will appear on the top of the page.

  • Pause: If a prospect is marked as "Active," you can pause them if you don't want to contact them for now.

  • Resume: If you paused a prospect, you can make them active again in the campaign.

  • Remove: Get rid of a prospect you don't need. Read more what happens when you remove a prospect.

  • Move to...: If you want to contact a prospect in a different campaign, you can move them. But remember, this only works if you haven't sent any messages yet.

  • Export: Make a list of prospects that you can download. This list includes their details and can be in CSV or Excel format.

Follow the outreach

Next to the prospect, you are able to see what information we have to a prospect and what and when the next touchpoint (message) is planned.

Example about Hanna:

  • When you see the LinkedIn logo in dark grey, it indicates that Zaplify has Hanna's LinkedIn URL.

  • The loading symbol beside the LinkedIn icon signifies that the system is actively searching for Hanna's business email. This email enrichment process might take up to 5 days.

  • "Next" indicates that the upcoming outreach attempt, which is Message 2 in the selected workflow, is scheduled for August 11.

  • Note: if the prospect has the status Finished - instead of showing what the next touchpoint will be, the reason behind the finished status will appear.

  • Clicking anywhere on the row will reveal more details about Hanna. This includes her LinkedIn URL, Email and prior experience. The prior experience is based on available information on LinkedIn.

  • When you click on "Campaign Activity," you can track the outreach progress. This lets you view the sent and pending touchpoints.

Note: Zaplify always checks for a reply and connection request acceptance right before next touchpoint (message) is sent. That means if a prospect responds, they'll stay marked as "Active" until the next message's due date

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