You can access available funds at any time you like - subject to your Wages Available.

To locate your Wages Available, just log on to your ZayZoon Dashboard.

Click on 'My Balance':

You will see the 'My Balance' screen below:

Below is an example of how Wages Available are determined:

Days Unpaid - The number of days since your last paycheck

Estimated Accrued Wages - The amount of wages estimated based on your past earnings. Disclaimer: This is our best guess at what you've earned so far this pay period. This does not guarantee or imply your actual earnings, and you might see it change as we get more information.

Accessible Accrued Wages - The amount of accrued wages you are currently able to access. This is calculated by multiplying the displayed percentage by your Estimated Accrued Wages.

Wages Already Accessed - Displays the total advance wages you have already accessed:

Wages Available - The amount of wages you have available for an advance. This is calculated by subtracting the Accessible Accrued Wages by the Wages Already Accessed.

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