How Do I Sign Up On Bitnob?

A step by step guide on how to download the Bitnob app and sign up on Bitnob.

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To Sign up, download the Bitnob app on Google Playstore using the link below -

Or on App Store using the link below -

After downloading the app, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Bitnob app on your phone

  • Tap "New User? Signup"

  • Input your First Name

  • Input your Surname

  • Input your Email Address

  • Input the Referral ID of the person who referred you to Bitnob (This is optional)

  • Tap "Next - Create Password"

  • Input a strong password known to only you and confirm it.

  • Tick the Box to agree to the Bitnob's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  • Tap "Next - Email Verification"

  • Tap on the slider to move the missing piece of the jigsaw to complete the puzzle

  • You will receive a one time password (known as OTP) in your email address

  • Input the 4-digit OTP sent to you

  • Tap "Verify Email"

  • Input your phone number after inputing the right country code.

  • Tap Next, to add your phone number

  • You will receive a one time password, known as OTP

  • Input the OTP sent to you

  • Tap "Verify Code"

  • Yay! You have successfully created an account.

Welcome to Bitnob!

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