How to Create a Product Group

Creating a Product Group

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What is a Product Group? 

Your product group is the name of a folder that associates a number of products together. Product groups are how you categorise the products that you are going to rent and sell. You may want to use product groups to group:

  • By brand 

  • By type 

  • By location 

You can link multiple product groups together, for example, you could have a product group called 'Large Plant' and inside this product group you could have more product groups that associate to this type called 'Diggers', 'Dumpers' and more. There is no restriction for how you want your hierarchy to work or how many product group tiers you need! 

🎉 Quick Tip: it’s a good idea not to create too many and keep them high-level to avoid overcomplicating your product structure.

Get Started

Adding new product groups

Go to System Setup > Product Groups to add, remove, and edit product groups.

To add a new product group, select Add Product Group and it will take you to a new screen: 

You then also need to add in the following details: 

  • Enter the Product Group 'Name' 

  • Enter a Product Group Code 

  • A Product Description - any further information you would like to add regarding the Product Group 

  • Parent Product Group (if this Product Group belongs to another Product Group) e.g. '1.5 Tonne Digger' Product Group belongs in the 'Digger' Product Group then assign this here

  • Rate Definition - Select the Rate Definition that could be associated to the Product Group e.g. Daily Rate, Weekly Rate

  • General Ledger Template - General ledger template is a method to track financial records, you may have specific Product General Ledger Templates for more information on General Ledgers, please see our guide

When you've finished, hit the green Add Product Group button.

Import product groups

You can also import your product groups in System Setup > Utilities > Import Data. 

Edit & Delete product groups

To edit product groups, go to System Setup > Product Groups, find the product group that you’d like to edit in the list and click on the product group to see the product overview screen, you can click the pencil to make any changes. 

You can delete product groups too. You need to ensure these groups are empty of any products. You can only delete them when there are no products in them. If the group you wish to delete isn’t empty, edit products in Products and Services > Products to move them to other groups.

To delete the product group click the Bin Icon and it will pop up a menu to ensure you are happy to delete this Product Group, simply say yes if you are! 

Your next step now will be to add products, for more information please see our guide.

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