What are rules on Reveal?

A logic rule is a straightforward way to slice and dice the data from your connected data source. And thanks to Reveal's rule engine, you can easily segment the relevant data you need however complex it may be!

This article will show you the various ways to set up and use rules to customize your account mappings on Reveal.

Creating a basic rule

Every rule has the same basic structure: Field + Operator + Condition.

  • Field: Select a field on which the rule will apply. (Reveal will automatically find the fields at your disposal).

  • Operator: Depending on the type of field (text or number), you will have different operators available, such as: is any of, is not any of, contains, >, =, ≀, ...

  • Condition: The case in which your rule applies.

Let's take an example

You can set up a basic rule to help Reveal understand how you define Customers in your CRM.

More complex rules

You can set up more complex rules that a combination of multiple basic rules, thanks to AND and OR statements.

AND statements

To define multiple rules that must be true at the same time.


Here is an example of how you can define your Private Accounts. Let's say we wanted these to be all accounts in the Technology industry that are our current business partners. You can set up a rule that looks like this:

Reveal will then identify the accounts that match this rule as represented below πŸ‘‡

OR statements

To link rules where only one of them has to be true.


Let us define our Private Accounts again. This time Private Accounts will be accounts where they are either a Technology company, or they are an existing business partner. This is the rule that would reflect that description:

And the subsequent selection:

Combining AND and OR Statements

When combining both AND and OR Statements, it's important to note that the order matters.

To put it simply, always start with simpler rules first.


What if you wanted to define private accounts as accounts where:

  • the account is a Tech company with more than 15 employees.

  • or the account is an existing customer

We would start with the simpler rule ( (Account Status = Customer) then add on the more complex rule (Industry = Tech AND the Number of Employees > 15).

Are there limits on the number of rules?

There are no limits to the rules you can set! You have an unlimited amount of basic rules that you can combine with AND and OR statements.

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