ABM Use Case for Reveal Data

Making the best use of the Reveal data for your ABM campaigns.

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Account-based marketing is a powerful strategy most companies have been adopting in the past years to better approach prospects and customers and increase the impact of the message delivered.

By leveraging partner data through Reveal, you will be able to cut through the noise volume prospects usually receive and make your product stand out with impactful success stories and use cases based on their tech stack.

How can I customize my email campaigns with Reveal data?

Identify -

  • Use Reveal data to understand what partner tech stack your targeted accounts are using and create sub-categories by filtering further on industry, number of employees and market.

  • Go to 360° Mapping in Reveal:

  • Put filters on the imported fields from you CRM. In this example the filter used are:

    • Billing Country is France,

    • Industry is Technology

    • and is a Customer of my integrated partner Levenue,

    You can customise it in your own way to identify the right list of the accounts based on your ICP!

Customize -

Design an email template that mentions the most relevant challenges and goals for these accounts and how the specific features of your product, integrated with the rest of their tech stack can help them achieve their objectives.

Push success stories, clients testimonials that your prospects can relate to.

Always be subtle in the way you leverage partner presence and give options.

Test and iterate -

We just reviewed:

  • how to pick the right audience for your ABM ✅

  • customize the content you want to feed them ✅

You are now all set to launch the campaign!

On the long run, make sure to measure the performance of the campaign and make the right adjustments.

Automation with Reveal

With our paid plans, you will be able access Reveal data fields in your Salesforce or Hubspot, making it easier to trigger these campaigns based on the most recent partner data.

Listen to the best experts right here to achieve your marketing goals.

Note : Reveal API and 360° Mapping is a premium feature to have access to that contact our team. 🔒

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