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Customize your Reveal Widget in Salesforce

Learn how you can customize your Reveal Widget in Salesforce

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Reveal widget enables your partnership team to easily display relevant partner data to your sales team directly in Salesforce, and collaborate with them through an easy "get intro" request process. Our recommendation is to keep the partner list displayed in the widget as actionable as possible for your team, so here is the list of elements which can be customized.

You can customize:

  • Visibility over partner rep name and email (shown or not) defined as "Owner"

  • Tags (Wondering how to create tags? Check it here)

  • Partnership owner name on your team (Learn how to define your partnership owner here)

  • Partners displayed in the widget (Read more on defining partners to display)

  • "Get intro" button being displayed or not per partner (see more here)

What is shown by default on the Widget:

  • All tags attached to a partner

  • Overlapping and non-overlapping contacts

  • How long the account has been a customer at your partner for (when we have the data)

  • The Partnership owner's name on your team name

  • The Partnership owner's name at your partner's company name

Remember the Reveal Widget for Salesforce shows:

  • Partners that have listed this account as a customer

  • Partners that have listed this account as a prospect with an open opportunity

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