You can receive a weekly digest email every Friday on partnerships that you've favourited on Reveal, containing latest updates on:

  • Open opportunities

  • Prospects without open opportunities

  • New joint customers

⚠️ To receive these updates about partners, make sure you favourite them with the ♥️ on your Partners page.

If you are a Sales user, you will also receive 1 weekly Friday update on your specific portfolio of accounts.

Follow only the partnerships that matter to you

You may have a limited scope and little interest in some partnerships. Conversely, you want to be updated whenever something happens on a limited number of partnerships.

You will get only notifications from partnerships you follow, including notifications when their data becomes available or when they accepted your partnership invitation.

Inform teammates follow partnerships in their scope

🚧 Only users with Admin roles can assign partnerships to teammates.

If you're an Admin and you want some of your peers to be notified whenever something happens in specific partnerships, then you can make them follow/unfollow these partnerships. They will get the email notifications related to these partnerships.

⚠️ They will still be able to unfollow at anytime afterwards.

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