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A guide on setting up and using Get Intro to Slack from your CRM

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💡 Get Intro to Slack is a Premium feature that is available on all Pro and Power plans, using HubSpot and Salesforce as a CRM. It is an add-on to the existing Get Intro functionality.


We’re excited to share our new addition, Get Intro to Slack! It’s a better way to get your Sales team to request help on accounts, whilst allowing Partner Managers to maintain transparency and control with partners.

Get Intro to Slack is available to Premium users with a Salesforce or HubSpot CRM connection.

This feature is especially useful for Sales, Partnerships and Customer Success teams.

How can I set it up?

To connect a default internal Slack channel:

  1. Reveal Admins can access the Integrations tab

  2. Click on Connect, this will take you to a new webpage where you can connect your Slack workspace to Reveal. At the bottom of this page you must select a Slack channel where you will receive regular updates from Reveal (such as when an account becomes a common customer with a Partner). Select Allow at the bottom of the page:

  3. Back in Reveal, within the Slack Application section, you can connect a default internal channel that can be used for your Get Intro requests sent from CRM/Weekly Digest email:

  4. This default internal Slack channel will receive Get Intro requests, unless you specify a different Slack channel at the Partner settings for that Partner.

To connect specific Slack channels per partner:

  1. Workspace Admins can access the partner settings by clicking on the settings wheel on the partner tile

  2. Next navigate to Get Intro settings tab:

  3. Select where the Get Intro requests will go:
    - To the default channel selected at the Integration level,
    - To an internal Slack channel, and/or
    - To a Slack Connect with a partner.
    You can send Get Intro requests to both an internal, and external Slack Connect for a partner!

What is the overall process?

  1. Configure your settings on Reveal (Admins)

  2. Get your Sales team requesting those intros from CRM (or Weekly Digest email)!

    1. Walk your Sales team through the process of requesting help with Get Intro.

    2. Follow our Pilot Guide here for more information on how to roll it out internally.

  3. Check it out on Slack

    1. Access the designated Slack channel to see the request.

    2. The requester, Account Owner (at your company), Partnership Owner (at your company) are tagged in the Slack post.

    3. Teams can work directly with partners on Slack and give visibility to all relevant stakeholders.

    4. Sales reps can collaborate directly with their counterpart and organise next steps: maybe a call to discuss further or keep using the same Slack thread to share details

    5. Partnership Managers can nudge the partner if there is no movement on the request. For every Get Intro request the Partner Owner receives an email notification and the account is added to their Pipeline on Reveal.

  4. Track your progress/updates

    1. A pipeline item will be added when a Get Intro request is sent. Partnership Managers can move the stage to "Intro made" and add comments to keep track of discussions that happen with the partner.

      1. Export the pipeline to keep track of the Get Intro request and turn it into a report to share with your team.

    2. Partners not on Slack? No worries! Share your Pipeline in Reveal with the partner to collaborate together.

      1. Update the comment section and Stage to track progress.

      2. Partner Managers can download their Pipeline as a csv and make reports to ensure partner influence is updated back in your CRM.

    3. Update any Partner Attachment/Influence fields/reports in your CRM to reflect discussions/intel gained from partners via the Get Intro process.

How can I use it?

For a Customer Success Manager looking to expand their stakeholder mapping at a client

  • CSMs can use the in-CRM Widget to identify partners that also have their client as a customer

  • They can leverage the widget to see if their partner has contacts that they do not have a relationship with, that could be helpful to expand out their clients usage of the product/tool

  • CSMs can use Get Intro to Slack to request an introduction to those unknown stakeholders from the partner

  • CSMs then have a deeper stakeholder map for their client

For a Sales rep looking for more information on a prospect, to close a deal faster

  • Sales reps can use the Widget to find out which partners are already working with an account they’re prospecting and hoping to close a deal with

  • Sales reps can target partners that have the account as a customer

  • Use Get Intro to Slack to request information on how this company uses the partner’s tool, and whether they have any extra details that could be helpful to know

  • Track the intro request on Slack and work on getting on a call/connecting via Slack with the rep on your partner’s side

  • Foster this relationship for future Get Intro requests

For Partner Managers looking to help a partner by referring an account

  • Using Get Intro to Slack, Partner Managers can refer accounts to their partner

  • Partner Managers can ask their Customer Success team for healthy, happy customers that might be looking for a certain tool for their use case

  • Once a good fit has been identified, the Partner Manager can see which partners have that account as an open opportunity

  • Using Get Intro to Slack, they add in some extra details in the comments section (for Salesforce users) that will be useful for their partner in deciding if they want the introduction/information

  • The Partner Manager can work directly with the partner on Slack and decide on the best next steps with the referral


What type of Slack channel can be connected?

This feature is available for public and private Slack channels.

Both internal channels and external Slack Connect channels can be connected to Reveal.

To connect a private Slack channel to your Get Intro process, you first need to add the Reveal Slack app to the channel. Follow our guide here.

Do I need to be a Slack Administrator to connect to Reveal?

You do not need to be a Slack Administrator to connect your Slack workspace to Reveal, but you do need to be a Reveal Admin user to get access to the Integrations and Get Intro settings tab to set up the connection.

The ability to connect Slack to your Reveal workspace depends on the internal setup/workings of your organization. For example, if you are required to have a Slack Administrator approve the channel upon creation, you will likely need to follow this same process when connecting to Reveal.

Does the Slack channel need to be created prior to connecting it to Reveal?

Yes, you can only connect existing Slack channels to Reveal. You are not able to create a new Slack channel via the Reveal platform.

Who is considered the Partnership Owner for a partnership?

The Partnership Owner is the person who is listed on the partner tile in Reveal. This is by default the user who sends or accepts the invitation with a partner.

This can be changed by clicking on the initials directly on the partner tile, or in your partnership overview:

Partnership Owners will receive an email when an intro is requested for a partnership that they own, they will be tagged in the Slack message, and the account will be added to their Pipeline on Reveal.

If you need any help with Get Intro to Slack on your workspace, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team on chat or 😃

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