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Columns in Account Mapping are your CRM / or CSV fields.

When you first go into to an Account Mapping, the default columns you will see are:

  • Company Name

  • Account Status (Prospect or Customer)

  • If there is an Open deal

  • Account Owner

Note: This data is visible only for you and not yet shared with partners. To share with partners, see the next steps below. Or if you would like to hide these default fields from your view, you can also follow the steps below.

Customize which columns are shown / hidden.

On the top right corner, you can customize what Columns are displayed or shared with partners, like this:

Here, you can decide what data is shown by using the following settings:

  • Toggles β€” Hide/show data in the Column that is visible just to you.

  • Padlock β€” Indicated the data in the Column is set as hidden from partners

  • Arrows β€” Hide/show data in the Column to be shared with and visible to partners

You can always change these settings later and it will update automatically.

What does my partner see?

The green arrows indicate which fields have been shared with your partner. The padlock indicates which fields are hidden from partners.

What fields have my partners shared with me?

You can check this on the 'Partner fields' tab in your Column settings.

Note: Adding, removing and reorganizing fields in your account mapping will alter the rendering and your CSV file during the export.

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