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How to share one of your custom fields with a partner

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Custom fields enable you to filter your account mapping in more relevant and useful ways for the goals of your business.

Top custom fields that our users leverage in their account mappings:

  • Churn score

  • Intent score

  • Renewal date

  • NPS

  • and more

What are the default fields in Reveal account mappings?

Reveal imports a set of default fields that are displayed as the Columns in every account mapping.

  • Company name

  • Account Status

  • Open deal

  • Owner

  • #Contacts

  • Country

  • Industry

  • Employee Headcount

How to add custom fields

Navigate to your Sources page > click the cog to open Settings for your chosen data source > click Custom fields on the top menu

By default, custom fields in your Account Mappings are visible to you exclusively.

However, if you need your partner to see some of them, you can share this field with them, first in your Account Mapping sharing settings by adding shared custom fields.

Then in your 'Columns' setting of your shared Account Mapping, like this:

Here, you can decide what data is shown by using the following settings:

  • Toggles β€” Hide/show data in the Column that is visible just to you.

  • Padlock β€” Indicated the data in the Column is set as hidden from partners

  • Arrows β€” Hide/show data in the Column to be shared with and visible to partners

You can always change these settings later and it will update automatically.

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