One-way Sharing

Run an account mapping on accounts hidden from your partners

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There may be situations where you would prefer not to share your CRM data with your partners but would still like to do a partner Account Mapping to see overlap data.

If One-way Sharing is enabled, you can hide specific accounts from your partner (when you set them as Restricted Accounts) but you will still be able to see them on your end.

You can see these accounts so long as your partner has not set these accounts as Restricted as well, in which case Reveal will honor their sharing settings.

What you will see on your side:

Restricted Accounts are marked with a lock icon in your Account Mapping.

What your partner sees on their side:

For transparency, a message will appear on your partner's Account Mapping with you to notify them that you have this setting enabled. For example: "100 matches are visible to your partner, but not to you due to your partner's restricted/private accounts."

One-way sharing is a premium feature. To know more,

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