Reveal's Pipeline feature is how you can manage accounts that you are collaborating on with partners.

Instead of using shared spreadsheets to track deals where partners are involved, Pipeline makes this easier by linking to your Account Mapping and your CRM.

Watch this quick video 5 min tour to see how it works —

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Your Pipeline is only visible to you —
To enable sharing with a partner, click the [Share] button when you're on a partner-specific Pipeline view (as shown in the video).

Add to Pipeline

You can add accounts from either a Partner Account Mapping, or from 360 Mapping.

Just select the accounts using the checkbox then click the [Add to pipeline] button.

Note: When you add accounts from 360 Mapping, you will need to assign a partner in your Pipeline.

Navigating your Pipeline

Pipeline view set on [All partners] will show you all accounts and all opportunities, for all your Reveal partners.

  • Company Name

  • Status: Customer / Prospect

  • Owner: The account owner in your company

  • Partner: Partner allocated to the account

  • Type: Sourcing or Influence

  • Comments: Add notes to provide context on accounts

  • Opportunity: Attach opportunities from your CRM

  • Mine / Team / Partner view:

    • If a partner has shared their Pipeline with you, you can view this in the Partner tab.

  • Show / Hide Metrics: View summary stats on the impact of your partners on your deals, such as win rate

Sourcing or Influence

Reveal will automatically tag accounts you have added from your Account Mapping based on this logic:

  • If there is an existing open opportunity in your CRM for this account, Reveal assumes you're leveraging this partner to influence this existing deal—and it will shows up here as "Influence".

  • Otherwise if there is no existing open opportunity, Reveal will assume you're leveraging this partner to source a new opportunity—and it will shows up here as "Sourcing".

You can change the tag by clicking into the cell.

Opportunities and Email notifications

For each account you have added in your Pipeline, you will notified by email when the Account Owner opens an opportunity in my CRM against this account.

This will show up in your Pipeline for you to attach—so that you and your partner can get recognised for our efforts on this opportunity. You can attach it to track its progress.

Best practices

  • For your next partner check in calls, filter by that specific partner in the Partner column to discuss your focus accounts.

  • Use the Slack integration to directly message the right account manager to get a conversation going about your focus account.

  • Use the summary metrics to report Partnership sourced and influenced ROI back to your business.

  • Using Salesforce? Automatically import opportunities from Salesforce to your Reveal Pipeline to see all your partner related opportunities in one place.

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