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HubSpot Reports with Reveal data

Some examples of the reports that HubSpot users can create to leverage Reveal API data into their Hubspot.

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Once the Power plan is implemented, You will have access to Reveal properties in your Hubspot app, these properties include:

And on the basis of these properties you will be able to create multiple Reports within your Hubspot that could be used by your Sales Teams, Marketing Teams, CSM Teams and Partnership Teams to gather important information and measure the influence of your ecosystem on your Revenue generation.

Report Example: (Partner presence across the Companies in Hubspot)

Here we are trying to see what companies you have partner presence on which are your Prospects and your partner's Customer:

  • This information will be useful for your Sales team in identifying ICPs and top prospects that they can target with the highest win rate by partner.

Note: Here the properties that we will be using are:

  • (Reveal) is a customer of

  • (Reveal) Win rate multiplier

  • Count of Companies

Steps to be followed in your Hubspot:

Step 1

  • Go to Reports > Create Reports > Single Object Report > Companies Object > Next

Step 2

  • Click on Add Company property -> Add (Reveal) is a customer of, (Reveal) win rate multiplier, + others if you wish to get more data in your report

Step 3

  • Add required filters on your report, eg > Create date is > All time

  • Add Other Filters like > Company Owner > is any of > Account Owner Name

  • (Reveal) is a Customer of > Is known, etc.

Step 4

  • Add Visualisation > Pie Charts, Bar Charts, etc. to get an overview of the data and to make it presentable.

  • Select criteria to be used i.e > Displayed properties > Measured by.

Step 5

  • Add the data to your dashboard.

Note: This feature is part of the Reveal premium integration 🔒

To unlock this feature for your Hubspot🔓

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