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Mapping your Lead records from Salesforce with partners
Mapping your Lead records from Salesforce with partners

Learn about the Lead Overlaps view on Reveal

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⚠️ This is an on-demand feature that you will need to request from us.
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⚠️ For Salesforce CRM users only.

Just like how Reveal maps your Account and Opportunity records against your partner's records, you can now map Lead records from Salesforce as well.

Once this feature is enabled, you can access the Leads Overlaps view from a Partner Account Mapping from the dropdown as seen below:

Quick Filters on the Leads Overlaps view

You have two quick filters available in this view that you can use. Help your Sales and Marketing teams progress leads into opportunities by identifying where partners can help.

  • Leads vs Customers: See which leads are your partner’s customers to get a warm introduction.

  • Leads vs Prospects: See which leads are your partner’s prospects for co-selling.

Explaining the numbers on the Leads Overlaps view

Differently to the normal Account Overlaps view, you will see additional numbers such as below.

  • The numbers in Company name column: How many Lead records are associated with this company in your CRM.

  • The numbers in Owner column: How many owners are associated with a Lead record from your CRM under this company. The owner that is most frequently associated will be shown first.

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