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Everything you need to know about Partner Overviews in Reveal

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The Partner Overview is a summary page of Account Overlaps and New Prospects between you and a specific partner.

Accessing a Partner Overview

You can access Partner Overview on the Partners tab of your workspace, by clicking into one of your partner tiles. Here's an example of a Partner Overview page:

What's available on the Partner Overview

It's your one-stop shop for a clear overview of Account Overlaps and New Prospects with a specific partner. Within a Partner Overview page, you can filter for a more granular view and have quick access to sharing settings and Account Mapping.

Here are some definitions to help you understand elements of the Partner Overview page:

  • Market Overlap: The percentage of accounts in the partner’s CRM where both sides have a past or current opportunity opened.

  • Persona Overlap: The percentage of user contacts in the partner’s CRM within the Market Overlap.

  • Common Customers: The number of customers you have in common. There's also an associated revenue amount that represents the transaction volume on these common customers over the past 12 months

    In the example above: This is shown as $2.4M.

    Common Opportunities: The number of accounts with opportunities in both your CRMs. There is also an associated pipeline amount which represents the sum of all deals associated with these opportunities.

    In the example above: If you won all 32 opportunities, you would gain $2.8M.

  • My prospects vs partner's customers: The number of your prospects that are your partner's existing customers. There's also an associated pipeline $amount and the number of open deals.

    In the example above: 59 of your prospects are Demo Partner's customers. 29 of them are open deals, and $4M pipeline (how much you would gain if you managed to close all 29 deals).

  • My customers vs partner's prospects: The number of your partner's prospects that are your existing customers (where you can help them).

    In the example above: There are 33 prospects that already are your customers.

  • Partner’s customers not in my CRM: The number of brand-new prospects that are your partner's existing customers (net new prospects for you, commonly referred to as white space or greenfield opportunities).

Filtering the Partner Overview

Once you landed on the partnership overview, you have two options to filter some of the processed accounts. Quick views or Custom views.

  • New filtering capabilities for both Account Overlaps and New Prospects
    We added a filter button that can be applied to all Account Overlap cards or New Prospect cards, allowing you to be more precise and targeted with your views.

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