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Invite Link

A unique URL you can share to invite your partners

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What is it?

Each user on Reveal has their own unique invite link. Share your link to invite partners easily, without needing to log into the platform each time.

Where can I find my invite link?

  1. Go to your Invite a Partner page

  2. On the top right, just click on "Copy invite link" - This will automatically copy your unique invite link.

  3. Start sharing!

A few ways to share your link

  • Add to your email signature

  • Add to your website - perfect for your Partnerships page

  • Add to your LinkedIn profile

  • Add to any partner onboarding documents

  • Post it on Slack channels

  • Send over WhatsApp

... and any other way you can think of! Let your creativity flow.

What happens when someone clicks the link?
Will they automatically become connected as a Partner?

No, you won’t be connected automatically. When someone clicks on the link, they will be prompted to send YOU an invite back, and you decide who gets accepted as a Partner. In that way you will always stay in control even when sharing your link to large audiences.

As for what they will see once they click the link, it depends if they are already a Reveal user or not.

If your partner is already on Reveal

Clicking the link will prompt them to send an invite from them to you to connect on Reveal.

If your partner is not a Reveal user

Clicking the link will bring them to the sign up page to join Reveal. Once signed up they will see the prompt to send an invite from them to you to connect on Reveal.

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