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Release Notes - April 2023
Release Notes - April 2023

Find details on our recent releases and product updates for April 2023

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Release notes - April 2023

  • Partner analytics metrics

Reveal has launched V0 of our new Partner Analytics project. The first stage of this release includes two upside metrics that are shown on the partner tile:

  1. Win Rate

  2. Potential Revenue value

These signals can be used to assess and prioritise your partnerships.

Partner Analytics will be available to our premium users on Pro and Power plans, with up to three partners showing the upside metrics for freemium users. Learn more about it here.

  • HubSpot Widget updated settings

Premium users with the Reveal Widget on HubSpot can now decide which partners are shown within the Widget.

You can now add tags to the partner tile on Reveal, then use these tags within HubSpot to select which partners will be shown to your team.

Use case: if you are finalising legal requirements with a partner and do not want your greater revenue team to get access to the Reveal overlaps with them, you can exclude this partner from being visible to your team in the HubSpot widget whilst still having the overlap data available from your Reveal workspace.

  • New prospects improved algorithm

We have updated our algorithm for identifying and surfacing New Prospects. Our improved algorithm will provide you and your partner with better quality leads.

  • Saved Views

Saved Views is a feature available on partner Account Mapping (Overlaps and New Prospects) and 360 mapping. It allows you to save your most frequently used filters so that you can save time and seamlessly switch between different views to find the accounts that are most relevant to you. Read more about how Saved Views work here.

Watch a short video on how it works here:

  • Platform display updates

We have updated our design on partner Account Mapping and 360 mapping. The design makes it easier to identify accounts shared by you and your partner:

Get a sneak peak into what's coming soon...

  • Invite admins: nudge the admins on a workspace to accept a pending invitation.
    For example, I sent an invite to my contact at Partner A but that person has moved to another company. I can now nudge admins at Partner A to accept my invitation to connect.

  • Partner Analytics page: you may have noticed a new tab on the left-hand toolbar showing Analytics - coming soon. We're excited to launch this feature that will provide information on revenue potential, total overlaps in a grid view across partners, and other details to help you prioritise and track the impact of partners.

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