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Release Notes - September 2023
Release Notes - September 2023

Find details on our recent releases and product updates for September 2023

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Another month, another set of new releases and updates for our users. Here’s what’s new in Reveal for the month of September!

360° Mapping reemerges as 360° Goals

Actionable insights, taking the guesswork out of partner data

Reveal users can now uncover the true potential of account based mapping with 360° Goals. A new name for 360° Mapping, reflective of its updated interface and actionable nature.

360° Goals allows users to choose the "Goal" of their analysis. Each Goal represents a distinct use case, with its own pre-set filters and sortings to show relevant data.

The new interface introduces 6 goals, all visible on the upper side of the screen:

  • Identify y overlaps

  • Source Opportunities

  • Influence Deals

  • Expand to new Markets

  • Retain my Customers

  • Co-Sell

Take your search a step further by checking the new Actions Column that allows you to:

  • Send a direct message to account owners through Slack or refer the account to a partner (click on the "three dots")

  • Add accounts to Pipeline, yours or your Partners'! (click on the "plus icon")

If an account is already added to Pipeline, the plus icon shifts to a dark flag. The purple number indicates to how many Pipelines it has been added!

Redesigned Drawer, accessible within a single click

The Drawer is one of our most visited features, and it needed a new design. If things couldn't get any better, you can now access it from anywhere on the line of the account. Not just by clicking on the account name itself!

In the Drawer, you can now check attached partnership owners, but also if the account is on Pipeline. You can also refer the account to a parter, open it in your CRM or Get Intro through Slack.

Want to see if the account is a customer and/or opportunity for a partner? The contact dropdown lends itself to a fresh look, for faster and more intuitive checks.

360° Goals is a premium feature that is available on all Pro and Power plans. Freemium users can view all mapped companies, but only for the "Influence Deals" goal. Check out this article to learn more about it ... or discover 360° Goals yourself!

Partner Analytics

Global partner insights, more search options

Summary metrics get an update, with Partner Addressable Revenue seen on top of each dashboard. This number denotes the total revenue potential across all partners, and is split into Lead Gen, Source and Influence Revenue. Check out this article to learn more about each revenue type and how we calculate them.

With Analytics' new features, you can also:

  • Exclude Offline Partners and irrelevant events from your statistics

  • View within a single click specific partner groups. This includes All partners, your Favorites, High win-rate partners and, of course, Your Own partners.

Finally, Deal size boost is now shown as a percentage!

Summary metrics and quick filters are available on all workspaces. Excluding Offline Partners from the dashboard is only available for premium users. Check out Analytics here!

Partner Dashboard

Filter Account Mapping results by last updated

Want to focus on the most recent account overlaps with a partner, or look for new updates?

With Account Mapping's new filter, you can check such updates for a specific period of time. To activate this filter, enable the display option and click on "last visit" to select your period.

This feature is only available for Pro and Power users. Check it out here!

API Improvement for Get Intro

All the information from Get Intro requests, in your report

Premium clients with API access can now use it to build their own reporting system for Get Intro. By using the API call, you can take details from Get Intro and add them to your reports!

With API access, you can download the following information:

  • Date of the request (timestamp)

  • Account the request was made for (name)

  • Partner the request was made to (name)

  • Partner manager at your company (name + email)

  • Partner manager at your partner (name + email)

  • Requester name (name + email)

  • Targeted contact, if any

  • Comment(s)

Want to learn more about our new features and how to use them in your strategies?

Book a call with your Account Manager, by clicking on the link below.

Stay tuned for more exciting features and updates!

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