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Save your most frequently used filters to gain extra time.

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Saved Views is available for all users. Some limits may apply.

  • Free users get 1 saved view

  • Pro users get 5 saved views

  • Power users get unlimited saved views

Saved Views is a feature available on partner Account Mapping and 360 mapping. This feature allows you to save your most frequently used filters so that you can save time and quickly switch between different views.

How can I create a Saved View?

  1. Go to your partner Account Mapping or 360 mapping

  2. Apply filters

  3. Click Save as new view

  4. Give your Saved View a name and click on Save View. Pro tip: be concise and clear

  5. Saved views are pinned by default. You have the option to unpin and rearrange the order that they appear in the dropdown

Who can create a Saved View?

All user types can create saved views.

Who can see my Saved Views?

Saved Views will be displayed in the dropdown for all users on the workspace. By default, new Saved Views are pinned views. You have the option to unpin them and rearrange the order with drag and drop, using the two lines icon.

Who can edit a Saved View?

  • Views created by default = I cannot edit and delete these views

  • Views I created = I can edit and delete these views

  • Views created by my teammates = I cannot edit and delete these views

When might I use Saved Views?

Some use cases for the Saved Views feature:

Partner Manager working on a specific region

I'm a Partner Manager that focuses on the UK region. I'm looking to identify companies that my partner can help me get insights on. I will share these insights with my sales team to either open an opportunity or close an existing opportunity with a prospect.

In the partner account mapping I would create a saved view called "Prospects vs Customers UK" using the following filters:

  • My prospects

  • My partner's customers

  • Country = United Kingdom

I would then apply this saved view to each partner account mapping that I'm working on to see the results that are most relevant to me.

Sales person focusing on the SMB market

I'm an SDR that is trying to crack into companies that are SMBs. This means I'm looking for my prospects with no open opportunity that are customers of my partner. I want to be smart with my outreach and send emails to these prospects that includes information on technology integrations that we have, to pinpoint the joint value proposition of our tools together.

I would create a saved view called "SMB prospects with partner presence" that I could apply in the 360 Mapping dashboard. This filter would include:

  • My prospects

  • Number of employees <250

  • Is a customer of: Partner A

I would use the results of this saved view to make a list of prospects that I will send emails to that highlight the joint value proposition of my company's product with the integration of Partner A. I could make several saved views where I change the Partner name, or I could use the same saved view and update the partner name each time to get different results.


How can I access my New Prospects?

You may have noticed that there is no longer a dropdown in your partner Account Mapping to switch between the Overlaps and New Prospects views.

You can now access New Prospects by clicking on Saved Views on the quick filter toolbar, then select the default filters that show a New Prospects tag next to them:

You can also access New Prospects by clicking on Partner's customers not in my CRM title. You can also see new prospects for your partner by clicking My Customers not in Partner's CRM.

If you need any help with the views saved in your workspace, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team on chat or πŸ˜ƒ


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