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Partner Signals
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💡 Partner Signals is a Premium feature that is available on 360 mapping for all Pro and Power plans. Freemium users will have access to up to 5 Partner Signals (without Conversion-Boosting Partners) per workspace.


Partner Signals are a way to easily identify your highest potential prospects, and the partners that can help convert them. We’ve identified what we call Conversion-Boosting Partners that historically correlate with higher win rates for our users.

Partner Signals are shown in their own column on 360 mapping, and Premium users can identify Conversion-Boosting Partners that are highlighted in gold in the "Is a Customer of" column.

Conversion-boosting partners are shown in gold:

How are Partner Signals calculated?

In the column Partner Signals:

1 🔥 = 1 Conversion-Boosting Partner that listed your Prospect as a Customer.

More 🔥 = more Conversion-Boosting Partners are present and therefore the Prospect is likelier to convert.

More details on the computation:

  • My company has an average win rate of 30%

  • In the past, when Partner A was present on my deals, my average win rate was 37%

  • Reveal would consider Partner A to be a Conversion-Boosting Partner as the % difference is greater than 20% (we use a threshold of 20% as the difference between your Win Rate and Win Rate with a specific partner to calculate Conversion-Boosting Partners)

  • Partner A would be shown in gold as a Conversion-Boosting Partner in the column "Is a Customer of" AND a 1 🔥 is added to the column Partner Signals

  • Any other Conversion-Boosting Partner that is present on that same account for you will have their 1 🔥 added to the total, meaning that the more 🔥 on an account, the more Conversion-Boosting Partners are present

For example, if my account Adobe has four Conversion-Boosting Partners present, these four partners will show in gold in the column "Is a customer of" AND there will be a 4 🔥 in the Partner Signals column.

How can I use Partner Signals?

Partner Signals is currently in V0 phase, which means that we are actively updating and developing the feature. You will find additional functionality becomes available in future releases!

For Partnership Managers:

Use Partner Signals to identify your highest converting partners, and prioritise your resources accordingly. Look for partners highlighted in gold to identify who you should focus on.

For Sales Reps:

Use Partner Signals to highlight and prioritise prospects that are more likely to convert into revenue. Add filters to find accounts that are most relevant to you, then take a look at the Partner Signals column to further prioritise who you can focus on first.

For Marketers:

Filter your 360 mapping to find companies within a specific segment that you'd like to target for account based marketing campaigns. Use Partner Signals to prioritise which of these accounts should be targeted first and with which partner's joint value proposition.

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