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Partner Analytics - partner tile
Partner Analytics - partner tile
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💡This is the first version of Partner Analytics, a feature that will be improved in the coming months.

💡 Partner Analytics is a Premium feature available on Pro/Power plans. Freemium users will see Partner Analytics metrics for up to three partners.


Not all partners are created equal.

Partner Analytics has been developed to help our paid customers understand the performance and impact of partner presence on open opportunities, either positively or negatively, to prioritise your partnerships and make better decisions.

Upside Analytics signals

Win Rate: If your "win rate" shows +12%, it means that on average, you have a +12% chance of closing this opportunity compared to your average close rate. We recommend focusing on high win rate and high deal size partners, as the impact of working with these partners will be multiplied.

Revenue Potential: this number indicates the potential revenue that can be generated when working with this partner. It is the sum of all opportunities and prospects from a partner * projected win rate * projected deal size.

How are the results calculated?

The results are based on historical data which means they are considered reliable. Because your CRM is plugged into Reveal, we are able to analyse retrospectively what happened on deals where your partner was present, even though you may not have realised it at the time.

We then aggregate this data and show you an average.

Revenue Potential is based on this formula:

  1. # New prospects x Assumed conversion rate from prospect into opportunity x Calculated Deal Size x Calculated Win rate

  2. # Existing prospects x Assumed conversion rate from qualified prospect into opportunity x Calculated Deal Size x Calculated Win rate

  3. # Existing prospects with an Open Opportunity x Calculated Deal Size x Calculated Win rate

    *Note that we assume a conversion rate of 7%.*


Case "+ xx"

This means that your partner has a positive impact on win rate or deal size on your closing rate. These are the partners you should focus on.

Case "--"

There is insufficient overlap data to show a reliable metric, or the calculation is in progress. We prefer showing nothing than putting you on the wrong track.

How can I use these signals?

Positive Win Rate: you’re more likely to win deals when working with this partner. With this information you can:

  • Prioritise high Win Rate partners ahead of those with a lower percentage. A higher Win Rate implies that you can get more impactful results from the same amount of energy exerted

  • Focus on sourcing new opportunities with specific partners. Partners with a high Win Rate are great to get help from when targeting accounts that are in your ICP that you might not have been able to crack and open an opportunity with - yet

  • Add Win Rate into your lead scoring process. Use Win Rate signals with partners to prioritise what your Sales Team should work on. Empower your Sales Team to make smarter decisions on accounts to target, partners to collaborate with, and how to pitch your product

  • Look into why some partners have a lagging Win Rate and work with them to re-assess and design your JVP and co-marketing initiatives

Revenue Potential: the overall revenue that can be won from working with this partner. A higher Revenue Potential indicates a greater pool of potential revenue that you can achieve. With this information you can:

  • Allocate resources to partners based on signals: reduce resources allocated to partners that have a low Revenue Potential and low Win Rate, and instead focus on high Win Rate, Deal Size and/or Revenue Potential to maximise your Sales Teams’ impact

  • Highlight the importance of partners within your revenue strategy, by creating reports and forecasting using Revenue Potential signals

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