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Partner Analytics
Partner Analytics

Analytics helps you to understand the synergies and potential value of each partner, and where/how you can prioritize your resources.

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💡 The Partner Analytics dashboard is a Premium feature that is available on all Pro and Power plans. Freemium users have access to a limited Partner Analytics dashboard.


Partner Analytics will help you solve the question: What is the potential value of this partner?

The Partner Analytics dashboard highlights revenue potential by leveraging your partner ecosystem. This data is displayed in a separate dashboard so you can quickly and easily assess the potential value and prioritize your existing partnerships.

How can I use the Partner Analytics dashboard?

  1. Access the Partner Analytics dashboard by clicking on the Analytics tab on the left-hand side toolbar:

  2. Apply a quick filter:

  3. Check out the summary metrics (new!):

    1. Partner addressable revenue: the total potential revenue across all partners

    2. Lead gen: My partners’ customers that are not in my CRM. Revenue potential is based on the # of accounts * Win Rate * Deal Size

    3. Source: My prospects with no open deal that are my partners' customers. Revenue potential is based on the # of accounts * Win Rate * Deal Size

    4. Influence: My prospects with an open deal that are my partners' customers. Revenue potential is based on the # of accounts * Win Rate * Deal Size

  4. Take a look at the data shown in the columns:

    1. High win rate partners: partners with a Win Rate Boost >20% are highlighted in gold

    2. Deal Size Boost: identify if a partner helps you increase your average deal size

    3. Win Rate Boost: quickly identify if you're more likely to win new business on this partner's Customers

    4. Overlap numbers for account mapping: understand total accounts in common

    5. New Prospects: identify the number of your partner's Customers not in your CRM

    6. Market Overlap: understand which partners you have a high overlap of common/past opportunities with

    7. Persona Overlap: see the % contact overlap on common accounts

    8. Revenue Potential: understand the potential revenue that can be sourced/influenced by this partner * deal size * win rate

    9. Tags for that partner

  5. Apply sorts and filters to find partners that you can target first:

    1. Filter by Tags (added on the partner tile in the Partner Dashboard). Click the # Tags dropdown on the right hand of your screen to select the Tags to use:

    2. Using the purple + button to the right of your screen, you can:

      1. Expand Revenue Metrics: this will add three additional columns to your view that show the associated revenue attached:

        1. New Prospects from Partner

        2. Opportunities on Partner's Customers

        3. My Prospects vs Customers

          1. The sum of the revenue calculated for these three columns equals the total revenue potential

      2. Customize your view: toggle on/off each of the columns, and drag the column name (eg Overlaps) up and down the list to change your display

Who can access the Partner Analytics dashboard?

All Premium users (Pro and Power) have full access to the Partner Analytics dashboard. All user types will be able to see the data.

Freemium users have access to a limited view, showing data for their three oldest partners on Reveal.

When might I use the Partner Analytics dashboard?

Some use cases for the Partner Analytics dashboard:

Partner Manager working on technology partners

A Partner Manager can access the Partner Analytics dashboard and apply filters to identify and prioritize their partners based on metrics and data:

  1. Filter by tags created on the Partner Dashboard: for example identify Tier 1 partners, or Integration partners using tags

  2. Use the dashboard columns to see the total overlaps for each partner

  3. Make a note of the partners that have the best results: eg if you're focusing on increasing integration usage, you may want to prioritize partners with high common customers (these are companies that can, and should, be using your integration with a partner)

  4. Share this list of priority partners internally so your Customer Success/Sales Team can work on increasing the uptake in integrations with your partner

Sales person looking for partners who can help them on their market/segment

A Sales person can use the Partner Analytics dashboard to identify which partners have the most overlap, and potential best impact, on their key market/segment.

A Sales person can:

  1. Filter by tags pre-created on the Partner Dashboard

  2. Sort the partners by number of overlaps, to find partners that have the largest cross-over with their market

  3. Sort the partners by Market Overlap, Win Rate, Revenue Potential

  4. Create a list of the top 3-5 partners to focus on, and that can be leveraged once identified as having partner presence on the Widget in CRM.

If you need any help with the Partner Analytics dashboard on your workspace, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team on chat or 😃

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