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What will happen if I pause a partnership in Reveal

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With the Reveal app you have a possibility of pausing an active partnership which will allow you to :-

  • Assess if you want to still move forward with the partnership.

  • It will also give you time in case your legal or tech team needs to check/ Validate the data sharing settings or if they ask you sign an NDA before you can proceed with the partner.

How can I Pause a partnership?

Step 1 - Click on the settings wheel of the partnership that you want to pause. (You can find those partnerships in you Partner home screen.

Step 2 - Click on Active > Select "Pause Partnership"

Step 3 - You need to write "PAUSE" in the pop-up option and click on Pause.

"Your partnership is Paused"

What will happen when my. partnership is Pause?

  • No data will be available anymore for this partnership for you and your partner (partnership overview and account mapping, and thus 360°)

  • We are not proactively notifying your partner but they will see it by double checking your partner tile.

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