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Partnership Owner

Who is a partnership Owner in Reveal? who get notifications on the partnership?

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The partnership owner in Reveal is usually the User from you enterprise that is taking care of that Particular partnership.

  • By default it is the user that accepted/ sent an invite to connect with the partner on Reveal.

  • If the user that connected with the partner is not the same user as the one handling the partnership you can also change it later.

What is the use of the partnership owner?

  • To receive Get intro requests -

In the Reveal premium plan your Sales team have access to the Reveal widget inside there Hubspot or Salesforce, where they can see the partner presence on target prospects which have overlaps in Reveal.

The requests that your sales reps sends via the Reveal Salesforce/ Hubspot Widget will go through the Partnership owner at Reveal depending on the partner they selected to get an intro from.

From there the partnership owner can connect with there counterpart from the partner side and track the progress and ROI generated from the intro request.

To read more about Get intro refer to this article - Get intro for Salesforce/ Hubspot.

  • To get updates on the partnerships -

Partnership managers are the ones that get the updates on the partnership for example when the matching is ready/ pending or awaiting actions they will be notified.

  • To know the Partnership owner on the Partner side -

With the assignment of the partnership Owner you could also know the owner on the partner side and understand the role of the user/ get in touch with them or build the appropriate channel of communication for share prospects and track ROI.

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