Leverage your partners for intros to accounts

Learn how to request intros from your partners to start new conversations with your prospects directly from Reveal tools

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One of the benefits of Reveal is being able to get help from partners from Intros. Being one of the 3 I's of Nearbound, you can easily apply it to your strategy in a few steps.

With intros, your partners can introduce you to their customers that are your prospects for an easier conversation. No longer the pesky, untrustworthy corporation filling up the prospect’s inbox with automated emails. Now, you’re being ushered into the conversation by a community member the prospect trusts.

How to ask partners for intros at Reveal



Within Pipeline, you can add your strategic accounts and by sharing your Pipeline with partners, you can request introductions to them in the external comments column. It's also perfect for having visibility over all of the accounts you're working on with a partner and following up on them at the same time.

Discussion room

For individual accounts, when clicking on the name of an account in your account mapping, you can open a discussion room with your partner. It's an open space where you can talk about an account and there you can also request an intro.

Paid Features available for Pro and Power plan users

Get Intro - Salesforce

With the Get Intro call to action on Reveal’s Salesforce widget, your team can collaborate directly with their team, and/or partner to request introductions, insights and drive revenue.

By clicking on the Get Intro button, it is possible to request intros from multiple partners to multiple contacts and using multiple channels such as email or Slack:

Get Intro - HubSpot

The same can be done with Reveal's HubSpot widget:

Get Intro - Slack

Finally, it is possible to use HubSpot and/or Salesforce, Reveal and Slack at the same time. With Slack integrated to Reveal, you can route intro requests from Salesforce or HubSpot to public and private Slack channels getting instant messages that will make your life easier.

If you need any help with introductions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team on chat or help@reveal.co. 😃

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