Reveal Best Use Cases
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These Use cases are coming directly from the top Customers of Reveal that have noticed there ROI and Customer Retention go Up multiple folds since using Reveal.

You can also adopt these tips to truly engage with Reveal and leverage what this platform has to offer.

1. As a partnership manager, it's important to leverage Reveal's data to engage your revenue team.

2. To make sure data from partners is visible to your sales reps, integrate Reveal's data into your CRM.

3. Leverage Reveal to co-sell with your partners and to identify potential opportunities.

4. Use Reveal's data to improve customer retention by driving installs and deployment of integrations.

5. Use Reveal to monitor signals that may aid in preventing churn.

6. Leverage Reveal's data to identify advocates, new stakeholders, and upsell or cross-sell opportunities.

7. Utilize Reveal's data to strengthen ABM campaigns and generate qualified net new leads through tools such as Multipliers and Partner Signals 🔥

8. Use Reveal for lead scoring and restructuring your perception of a specific prospect.

9. Leverage Reveal to launch targeted email campaigns, boost integration downloads, and create co-marketing activities.

10. Reveal can help assess and prioritize top partners, and factor in common customers when creating potential tech partnerships.

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