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Program Overview

A program is a fitness plan created by an Alive trainer that you can join at any time with an active Alive subscription. Programs are broken up into weeks with planned workouts for each week. Each program is unique and have various goals and attributes. All programs are included with a premium subscription.

How long are programs?

Each program offered by Alive varies in length ranging from 4- 10 weeks.

Can I enroll in multiple programs?

We recommend only participating in one program at a time, but you can enroll in as many programs as you'd like with an active Alive subscription.

Program Workouts

How do I reorder my program workouts?

When viewing one of your active programs, you can reorder the schedule by clicking and dragging on the right side of the row.

Why are workouts in a program sometimes repeated?

The reason Alive is designed this way is because of a principle called "progressive overload", this is a method of strength training that allows for you to gradually increase the weight at which you perform each exercise resulting in gaining overall strength.By repeating the same exercises weekly in the program you will notice over time that you are getting stronger and the movements are becoming easier!


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