If a transaction (including refunds) is processed and fails, there are two ways you can track and re-try them.

Firstly, your Billing contact along with anyone in your org that has notifications enabled (Account>Notifications subtab) will receive an email titled Transaction Failure Notification. This email lists all failed transactions from the last 24 hours along with the account owner, transaction amount, transaction type, and payment ID.

From this email, you can click "Manage failed transactions" for any of the Account Owners and you'll be directed to the Payment Action Center.

The Payment Action Center allows you to quickly re-try or dismiss any failed transactions.

You can also access the Payment Action Center directly from Amilia via the Accounting and finance tab.

Once you click the blue circular arrow to re-try the transaction, it will turn into an orange clock. This means the refund is being retried and will be pending. The transaction will disappear from the Payment Action Center once the issue is resolved. 

If the transaction or refund fails a second time, it will reappear in the Payment action center.

The Expiring credit card section allows you to stay on top of expiring cards linked to planned payments

From here, you can click on any of the account owners listed and linked to Client > Account owners so you can contact them and remind them to update their credit card information.

Please note that only saved credit cards linked to planned payment(s) appear here.

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