Category: A Deliverable’s category defines what kind of Deliverable it is - artwork, writing, 3D model, etc.

Contract: In AWEbase, creating a Job creates a contract between an organization and a contractor, which both parties can digitally sign from within AWEbase itself.

Contract Deadline: Each Job has a deadline, which is the date by which the contractor has agreed to supply the Deliverables in that contract.

Contractor: A contractor provides content or services to an organization on a freelance basis. Contractors have their own AWEbase accounts, separate from any organizations that may hire them. In order to do business with an organization, a contractor must agree to connect with that organization.

Deliverable: A Deliverable is discrete component of work, such as a single illustration, news article, or 3D model. A Deliverable can also be a service, such as catering at an event, or software development performed for a specified period of time.

Deliverable File: When finished with a Deliverable, a contractor may upload its final version apart from the review files. Deliverable files may be of any file type.

Due Date: Each Deliverable has a due date, which is when the organization needs the Deliverable in-hand.

Job: A Job uses a contract to connect a single contractor to any number of Deliverables that they have agreed to deliver.

JobOpp Inquiry: A JobOpp Inquiry is a request that an organization sends to one or more contractors, inviting them to help create one or more Deliverables.

Organization: In AWEbase, an organization is a business or other entity that manages Jobs and hires contractors. Individuals associated with an organization are referred to as its "staff members."

Reference File: A Deliverable's reference file is any digital asset that an organization has uploaded for use as reference by its contractor.

Review File: While working on a Deliverable, a contractor may upload a review file: that is, a digital asset for the organization to review.

Staff Member: Users who are associated with an organization are referred to as staff members of that organization.

Step: A Deliverable's step describes what stage of development it's in. The organization determines what steps are available for a given category of Deliverable, and what step a specific Deliverable is on. The "Artwork" category, for example, starts with the "Initial Sketch" step, and ends with "Final" step.

Type: A category's type further defines what kind of item a Deliverable is, or how it is to be used. For instance, the category "Artwork" may have the type "Cover Art."

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