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Adding Notes for Leads

When there's lots of interest in a property, it's hard to keep track of who's who. That's where our notes features are so helpful.

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With our app there are multiple ways to capture notes for each lead.

Basic Notes: When there's time in between leads to input notes

  1. Go to the My Leads section of the app and select any lead.

  2. In the Lead Detail, you'll see an option to add notes to their record.

  3. The notes will appear in the My Leads table and in the Lead Detail

Submit notes within the Open House Sign-in:

In the ☰ menu in the Open House Sign-in you'll see an option to "Add note for previous guest"

Submit Notes via Text Message*: When new leads are added with very little time in between.

  1. You'll get a text when a guest signs in.

  2. Reply to that text with your notes for the guest.

  3. The reply is stored as notes for that guest in the My Leads screen

*submitting notes via text message is automatically enabled as one of the Enhanced Features, which are free when you've paired a lender. Haven't paired your lender yet?! You can learn how here.

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