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Speech to text and Text to speech
Speech to text and Text to speech

Dictate your book, in multiple languages, and also have your book read to you!

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Speech to text

Dictating your book can be an essential accessibility tool for some students - due to disability, language ability or even just confidence. Some students simply communicate better orally and prefer to not to type.

Speech to text is a feature included in Book Creator online, where you simply record your voice in the text box by pressing the microphone. You can even choose from 120 different languages! 

On iPads, dictation is built into the device, just tap on the microphone icon on the keyboard when you have opened a text box.

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Text to speech

Book Creator also offers the option to have your book read back to you, which is vitally important for visually impaired students, but also a great support for language learners. Depending on your device, your book can be read in multiple languages, accents and dialects.

Tip: Make sure you add alt descriptions to images

Most devices also offer their own screen readers too - e.g. VoiceOver on Apple devices, Narrator by Windows, or ChromeVox on Chromebooks. Book Creator is optimised to work with these screen readers so students can use it not only to read their books, but also to navigate the app.

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