Watch this short video to see how to find your library code in order to invite students:

Finding your library code

Once you've created a library, you can invite others to it by sharing your library code.

To get your library code the easiest way is to click on Show invite code link that you'll see at the top of your library:

This reveal your library code, which will be a 5-digit code like this:

This is the code which students will use.

  1. Students sign in as a student at
  2. They'll need an Google account, Office 365, or Clever ID to sign in. Or, if they don't have an email address / account, you can generate QR codes for them instead.
  3. Once they've signed in, they'll be prompted to enter your library code. They'll type it in, click GO and then they'll be added to your library. 
  4. If you use QR codes, students won't need to enter the library code themselves, they just scan the QR code and they'll go straight into your library.

Expiring the code

If you need to expire the code or manage the students that have joined, see Managing your library.

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