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Getting Started with Elevate GO for Dealer Owners
Getting Started with Elevate GO for Dealer Owners

Use this quick start guide for Elevate GO to start seeing your business in a whole new light.

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Welcome to Boost Elevate GO! This powerful tool can provide you with a new perspective on your sales and marketing data, operations, and more!

Let's get started with a few easy steps to get you familiar with the platform and its capabilities.

βœ… Initial Set-Up

If you just finished signing up for your Checklists + DLAR subscription, congrats! Click the links below to get your account and team up and running.

πŸ“ˆ Analyze Your DLAR Data

Prepare to see your DLAR and sales data in a new light! Get started with viewing your Elevate GO DLAR and sales reporting with the links below.

🏬 Set Up Your Location Checklists

Ready to gain increased visibility into your locations and start strengthening your operations? Check out the links below to get a quick start on Checklists.

Need help with any of the steps above? Our team is here! Give us a call at 877-839-8777, email us at

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