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Carrier-Level & Company-Level Dealers & Doors
Carrier-Level & Company-Level Dealers & Doors

Creating Doors Outside of IPOP.

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Even though the majority of your dealers and doors will be automatically added to Boost Elevate Go, you may want to add your own in the following instances:

  • The dealer and/or door is not yet in IPOP

  • For DDPs, the dealer and/or door has switched DDP but you, as the former DDP, may still want to track this door in Elevate Go.

Dealers and Doors can be added at a Carrier (Boost) or Company (DDP) level. For the sake of this walk-through, we will demonstrate adding a door only. REMEMBER: You cannot add a door unless the door's respective dealer has been added first! The process for adding a dealer is similar, only you will not assign it to a dealer.

Here's how to add a Door to Elevate Go. :
Please note not all users will have access to add doors.

STEP 1: Log in to
STEP 2: Hover over the clipboard icon at the left side of the screen and click Doors

STEP 3: On the Doors screen, click Add at the top left of the screen.

STEP 4: In the drop-down menu, select the dealer you are adding this door to and click Continue.

STEP 5: In the Add Door screen, add all information for the door. Fields marked with an orange * are required. Click Save Door.

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