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Checklist Examples - District Manager Store Visit
Checklist Examples - District Manager Store Visit
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Introduction to District Manager Store Visit

Making your store visits across the region consistent and easily understandable can be tough. Just as hard can be, making that information easily available to your dealer principals and account managers.

A District Manager Store Visit checklist may be just what you need to allow you to focus on managing multiple locations and solid follow-through on assigned tasks. Our Elevate GO product team has built out an example of that type of checklist below. This can give you an idea of how to implement your own and how helpful it can be to standardize your visits.

Top Questions to Ask With a District Manager Store Visit

If you are just looking for the most important questions to be asked in your own District Manager Store Visit checklist, here are a few recommendations. These are our top five questions that we think should be in every District Manager Store Visit checklist.

  1. What training did you deliver to the store today?

  2. Did you review store/personal performance?

  3. Is there any feedback from store reps for the business?

  4. Is the store presentable?

  5. Who is working today?

To view the full list see below.

Full List of Questions

Store & Employee Standards

  • Is the open sign on?

  • Are the window merchandising poster correct?

  • Is the A-frame outside?

  • Store flags outside?

  • Which Team members are working today?

  • Are they in uniform?

  • Is the store floor clean upon arrival?

  • Is the in-store merchandising correct to planogram?

    • OEM Wall?

    • Network Wall

    • T Stand?

    • Disruptor table?

    • Price tickets?

  • Are the Accessory Walls fully stocked?

  • Are the POS terminals clean and free from clutter?

  • Are the POS terminals turned on?

  • Are all devices locked in the safe?

  • Are all extra accessories locked in the safe?

  • Has the back-office area been cleaned?

  • Is the back-office desk clean of clutter?

  • Has the kitchen been cleaned?

  • Has the bathroom been cleaned?

Banking & Inventory Standards

  • All paperwork filed correctly?

    • Were there any issues with the paperwork?

    • Has the store completed daily inventory counts?

  • Is the Boost Store Card up to date?

    • If no why not?

  • Is the Company Sales board up to date?

    • If not why not?

  • Have you checked the banking deposit?

    • Are they all there?

    • Reason for missing deposit slips?

    • Are they in order as to the deposit book?

    • Deposited on the correct dates?

  • Have you completed an inventory box count on Devices?

    • Are there any missing devices?

    • How many RMAs do they have?

    • How many devices over 60days?

    • Any EOL devices?

  • What promo devices are the store short or long on?

    • Free text box

  • Have you counted the float in the cash draws?

    • Is there less than X?

    • What is the difference?

      • Reason?

Store & Employee Goals

  • Did you review the store performance?

    • Activations

    • Swaps

    • EBBP

    • UPP

    • Accessories (Margin)

    • PSA

    • Replenishments

    • 2MR, 3MR

    • What else was discussed?

    • What are the actions for the store?

    • What date to be completed by?

    • Did you test individuals on their sales MTD, do they know what they have sold?

  • What coaching/training did you deliver?

    • List the areas you coached or trained on?

  • What Star-Training needs to be completed by employee?

    • List

  • Did you test the team on the company updates and recent communications?

  • Are they logged in to the company email?

  • Are they logged in to the company message board?

  • Did you speak to all staff members, in general, to check on morale?

    • Any issues to report?

  • Did you buy the team lunch?

    • How much was spent?

    • Photo receipt

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