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View all documents related to an employee

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In order to view documents that are personal to the employee or are company documents that they are able to view,you will need to follow the pathway: Profile > More > Documents.

As you can see there are then two separate tabs:

  • My Documents - for documents specific to this employee like contract & offer letter

  • Company Documents - to see which company documents the employee is able to view

My Documents

To add a document to the employee's profile go to Profile > More > Documents > click +

Fill out the title, choose the file to upload, decide if you want the employee to see this document. If you mark visible to employee, the employee will be able to view this information from their documents tab. If this is not ticked it will only be visible to HR users and line managers if their permissions permit.

You can also allow the ability for an employee to acknowledge a document by marking it as read and understood.

Once you have filled out the relevant fields click  'add document'

You can then download, edit or delete the document by using the icons on the right hand side of the record. PDF documents that are downloaded will open in a new browser tab.

An email will be sent to the person informing them that a document has been added if you select visible to employee and then set the read requirement to 'Yes'

Company Documents

These are documents added under the Company tab in the main blue bar that runs across the top of the account

Company documents added here are able to have a read requirement set, which will also send an email notification, If you wish to notify the whole company, specific departments or people you are able to do this from the audience select area.

This guide explains more.


Can line managers view documents for their employees?

This will be dependent on the line managers permissions you have set up for them.

Go to Configure > Settings > Permissions and Approvals > Change what line managers can see and do > tick 'Manage' profile

Line managers will also not be able to see the company documents tab this is for HR users' reference, so line managers view of this area will just be the My Documents area.

Can I set a document as read required?

You can set a document as read required when uploading a personal document by entering it into the below section:

Can you send a reminder/notification to read a personal document to an employee?

You cannot send a reminder/notification for an employee to read a personal document but it will continue to show on their dashboard as needing to be read in the below tile:

Can I upload documents in bulk?

Documents can't be uploaded or downloaded in bulk, this will need to be done individually.

Can an employee upload a document to their personal documents section?

Yes, they can. They can do this by heading the more tab on their profile page using the same process as above.

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