Company documents is an area in Breathe that you can use to store documents that you need multiple employees to be able to see. You can set an audience for the document and you can also allow the ability for employees to acknowledge a document by marking it as read and understood.

Please note: Only users with HR permissions can add documents to this area.

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Important points:

  1. You're not able to add multiple documents at once. Only one at a time

  2. Within Breathe, we use tags instead of folders. Each document can be tagged and then searched for that way. e.g. 'health and safety'

  3. If you add a new employee and they are part or the audience that you previously assigned they will automatically have that document available to them in their documents section of their profile.

You can find the company documents section under Company > Company Documents.

This is where you can store any documents you need to keep track of and notify employee's of the company documents they have to read.


Upload a document

To upload a new document simply click on the '+' in the top right of the page. 

From there it will take you to a form to complete stating the information of your document: title, tags, audience, read by date and the document itself.

Add the title and the document

Using tags with documents

Applying a tag to a document that you have uploaded such as a 'Company Handbook' will allow you to simplify the search process for both you and your employees if you so happen to have a high quantity of data and uploaded documents.

For instance, you may have 50 'Company Handbooks' and so in means of simplifying the search process you may use the keywords:
'Handbook' and 'Security' - This will refine the search more effectively to aid in locating the relevant documents quicker for you.

To add a tag simply type the word and then press "Enter" on your keyboard


Read requirements

Read required

Some documents are important. You can set up a document as read required so you can keep track of who has (or hasn't) read the document.

Any employees who are included within a document audience of a read required document will receive an email letting them know they have a company document to read on Breathe.

If you need your staff to be notified about the document then you will need to select the read required option. Any document that does not have this ticked will not notify the user via email.

Review date

If you wish to be reminded about a document expiration just pop a date in the review date section and an email will be sent to all HR users on the account.

Once the necessary fields are complete you can just click 'add document' to save the document to the company documents section.

When you add a company document the audience will be sent a notification letting them know they have a document to read.

Read requirements

How to read company documents

Employee's can access the company documents they have to read via their dashboard.

When they go to view the company documents they are the audience for they have the option to download the document or mark it as read.

You can see who has read the documents and the date and time they marked them as read by going to Company > Company Documents > arrow icon next to the document record.

From here you can see the audience, who has read it and run reports on this information. 

You can send a 'read reminder' to those that haven't yet marked the document as read, by clicking on the paper aeroplane icon (shown in the image below along from 'Audience'.)

Email notifications- read required documents

Email notifications are only sent out to the audience of a document that is marked as read required if this is done when the document is initially uploaded.

If the read requirement status of the document changes after the initial upload, or additional employees are added to the audience, they won't receive a notification via email.

They will still be able to see that they have a document to read on their dashboard.

Edit or delete a document

If you ever need to edit the document details or update the document you can change the document record by using the pencil icon 

You can also remove the document completely by using the bin icon to delete the record.


I want to send a read reminder to employees who haven't read a company document. Will the reminder send a notification to everyone?

No. The read reminder will only be sent to those employees who haven't yet read the document, giving them a nudge.

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