What is an HR document management system?

The breathe  document management system is an online document storage and communication tool that keeps your business organised and your employees up-to-date. Our HR software allows efficient management of employee files, enables automation of workforce procedures, and gives greater control over forms, policies and much more. It simplifies the management, processing and protection of employee and business-critical HR data.

How does it work?

Our online HR software means everything HR related is filed, named, routed and tracked in a single digital system. Performance reviews, administrative requests, expense reports, in fact employee reports and documents of any kind, are stored electronically, putting an end to the chaos of shared network folders, paper trails and bulging manila folders.

Shared information.

With everything kept securely online, information can be appropriately shared across the organisation or with individual employees at the touch of a button.

Stay organised.

Securely store or share documents with specific employees knowing that all your company and employee documents are in one easy to use location.

Maintain compliance.

Say goodbye to the arduous task of archiving and purging. Document retention and privacy requirements for information under regulatory control is easily classified and verified in a click with our HR document management software.

The paperless office.

With our document management software everything is stored online. You’ll not only save money on paper, you’ll cut down on the need for filing cabinets too. It’s good for business and for the environment too.

Increased security.

Paper-based HR documents are less secure, more easily lost and unrecoverable in the event of fire or flood. Online HR document management means everything is safe from natural disaster or theft. You’ll be able to manage online access to sensitive information to protect confidentiality.

Document tracking.

Breathe makes it easy to track who has read a document. Update a document and you can prompt employees to read the revised version in a few clicks. Reminders can be sent at the press of a button. Plus, alert notifications keep you one step ahead of all the critical certificate and renewal requirements.

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