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Location management tool

How to manage your locations on Breathe.

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*To use this tool, you will need to first enable location booking under configure > settings > modules*

Setting up location management

To add a new location or to manage where your people can book a place at a location, simply navigate to Company > Location management.

Please note: if your location doesn't already exist, you'll need to add it to the system. You can add a new location by clicking the '+' icon.

Can be selected by your people- if set to yes, this means that if the location booking module is deactivated, this module will appear as a standard location in the location management tool that appears in it's place. If it is set to no, it will not appear as a location.

Can be booked by your people- if set to yes, this will allow users to book on to this location when the location booking module is activated, If it is set to no, the location will not appear in the drop-down list as a place that can be booked.

Important info/other related guides

If you don't want to allow your people to book locations themselves, you can allow this to be restricted to just HR users via configure > settings > change what people can see and do and unticking the 'book locations' box.

Booking a place will override the employee's current set location, e.g. working from home.

If one of your team uses the location booking tile to book a place in the office and is due to work from home the following day, this will need to be reflected from their own dashboard again.

When deactivated, this module will re-launch the original location management tool that allows users to freely select their location on any given day. The managing of locations will still be done from within the company tab.

For more information, please see the guides below:

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